Increasing Student Motivation to Read

Collaboration between local building coaches and ISD Early Literacy coaches around a school-wide focus of increasing motivation and engagement.


Over the past two years, there has been a coaching collaboration between the local building coach at Redwood Elementary and VBISD's Early Literacy Coaches around a school-wide focus of increasing motivation and engagement in students (K-3 practice 1) by increasing access to text (K-3 practice 8) and one-on-one conferencing around reading and writing (K-3 practice 8).

GRADES K  1  2  3 

Elementary Reading Attitude Survey
Michael C. McKenna, Dennis J. Kear, and Randolph A. Ellsworth

This study investigated the reading attitudes of a stratified national sample of 18,185 U.S. children in Grades 1 through 6. Students responded to a group pictorial rating scale, comprising two subscales devoted to attitude toward reading for recreational and for academic purposes.

Areas of Potential Impact

  • Academic
  • ELA
  • Literacy
  • School Support

Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan Goals

  • Improve early literacy achievement

Literacy Essentials

All of us want children throughout Michigan to be successful. An important part of student success centers around proficiency in reading. That’s why a group of education experts developed new approaches for teachers to use in the classroom. Literacy Essentials are free documents designed for Michigan educators to improve childhood literacy development. The Literacy Essentials provide research-proven, effective approaches to markedly improve literacy skills among Michigan’s youngest students. Using the Literacy Essentials with every child, in every classroom, every day will help improve literacy among our youngest learners.

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