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Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan: Promising Practices Exchange

Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan is Michigan's plan for education in the state. To support the plan, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in partnership with the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) developed the Promising Practices Exchange. The Promising Practices Exchange is a public-facing repository that encourages the educational community to share practices that demonstrate improved outcomes for learners specific to Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan goals.

The Exchange launched on August 11, 2022. MDE is actively seeking promising practices that support Goal 2: Improve early literacy achievement and Goal 5: Increase the percentage of all students who graduate from high school; however, other goal submissions may occur as well. The submissions are vetted by content experts and shared here.

How to Use the Promising Practices Exchange

To make sharing practices seamless for districts, the Promising Practices Exchange is powered by MiStrategy Bank, where strategies from district Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) plans already exist.

Submit Promising Practices

We encourage all ISDs, LEAs, and PSAs to submit potential promising practices. Start the submission process by clicking the Submit Interest button below or by emailing MDE-OSPI@michigan.gov. Within 1-2 business days, you will receive information that outlines the submission process and required documentation.


View Promising Practices

View promising practices by clicking the button below. You can search for promising practices by goals within Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan, school districts, and/or keywords.

MDE offers the Promising Practices Exchange as a service to support the sharing of evidence-based practices with Michigan's educational community. Practices on the Promising Practices Exchange show improved outcomes for learners based on specific implementation of the practice. Results depend on a variety of factors and may vary in different classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.

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Commonly Shared Practices

Increasing Student Motivation to Read Improve early literacy achievement
K-5 Instructional Coaching Improve early literacy achievement
Kindergarten Early Childhood Specialists Improve early literacy achievement
Virtual Literacy Coaching Improve early literacy achievement
Literacy Cohort Professional Learning Series Improve early literacy achievement